about us:

1. Alexi Faraco (CEO)

Interested in technology from a young age, Alexi founded his first company while still in College. From the Entertainment Industry to Telecommunications, he has founded and co-founded a number of companies; including Qmobile Inc. in the US, one of the first premium text messaging services providers in the country and Emarket.gr, the first and largest auction website in Greece, and Deals365.gr one of the leading online daily deal websites in Greece. He has been selling Segways and is the Segway Distributor for Greece and Cyprus for the past seven years.

2. George Sinanis (Visionary Creator)

In some circles know as “The Mad Scientist” George is responsible for bringing our innovative conceptions to life. Throw him in to a machine shop and lock the door for a week and there is no telling what he will come up with! Being an authorized Segway Dealer for many years he is intimately familiar with all technical aspects and intricacies of Segways, allowing him to find solutions for the design’s currently inherent weaknesses.

3. George Georgousis (CTO)

Aka Chemicalgoo. With his 10 year experience as a Computer Engineer and an active PHP Web Developer since the age of 17. From Algorithms to Salsa Rhythms, George keeps the company’s IT Infrastructure humming smoothly, like a fine-tuned instrument. Having developed some of the most important and popular websites in Greece, he is a force major in the Internet industry.